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Critical Cleaning

Products made with Sontara® fabric can handle the toughest cleaning challenges because they are so strong and resistant to wear and tear that they maintain exceptional strength, even when wet. They won’t fall apart when used with MEK, isopropyl alcohol, solvents and other cleaning agents, making them a very cost-effective cleaning choice. Sontara® wiping products are designed to meet the demands of a range of industries with various cleaning needs.

All Sontara® fabric and products are made under the strictest production controls to ensure consistent quality.

Sontara® product benefits:

  • Safeguard your products and processes and minimize the potential for product defects and associated yield losses
  • Improve productivity and profitability because you get the job done quickly, and right, the first time
  • Enhance the quality of your work
  • Proactively protect your environment from process contamination as Sontara® wipes produce virtually no lint
  • Take advantage of product strength that does not tear when rubbing with greater force is required

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    Critical cleaning
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    Features of Sontara®

    Sontara® wiping products are designed to meet the demands of a range of industries with various cleaning needs. All Sontara® fabric and products are made under the strictest production controls to ensure consistent quality.

    • Wet or dry, Sontara® wipes are cleaner than cloth rags, stronger and more durable than paper, and less expensive in use than both.
    • They’re made under strict production controls for consistent quality and uniform size and packaging – all advantages you expect from Sontara® products.
    • They are well-suited for general cleaning tasks when specialty wipes are not necessary, but efficiency is still important.
    • Quality control from the manufacturing of the fabric to the cutting and packaging of the final wipe.
    • Product traceability.

    • Sontara® fabric is continually washed during the manufacturing process and this results in low-linting, exceptionally clean and strong, making it extra-durable.
    • Contamination is positively controlled because fibres are tightly entangled into a strong fabric structure.
    • Low lint supports tasks such as:
      • Wipe sensitive electronic components.
      • Maintain a controlled environment.
      • Avoid risks for patients / do not affect the accuracy of medical procedures.
      • Avoid interference with navigation system.

    • We focus our sustainability efforts in areas where we believe we can have the greatest local and global impact. We also look at those topics that are of most interest to our employees, customers, investors and other stakeholders.
    • Sustainability is part of the continuous improvement process and is a core pillar for innovation products.
    • The recent Home Compostability certification endorsed by TUV Austria for Sontara® 100% cellulosic fabric represents an important milestone in protecting our environment and proactively supports our users in solving issues with waste.
    • Sontara EC® Green is a product range produced with 100% renewable and sustainable raw materials made with the proprietary Sontara® technology. The ultra- pure and 100% compostable wipe offers exceptional critical cleaning power while being environmentally responsible.

    • The fabric styles offer high particle and liquid absorbency due to their cellulose content.
    • Sontara® absorbs several times its own weight in water. This superior absorbency capacity is a major contributor to the overall cleaning performance of the fabric.
    • Unlike many other nonwoven fabrics, Sontara ® fabrics do offer an ideal combination of cleanliness, absorbency and purity in a single fabric without binders, chemicals or adhesives.
    • Many nonwoven wipe fabrics include binders or additives or are chemically treated on the surface to reduce the particle debris. However, these additives very often reduce absorbency — an important functional property — and, in additon, can cause contamination from the wipes.

    • The Sontara® manufacturing process is sustainable and ultra-pure. We use water of drinking quality and zero chemicals, and our manufacturing environment and air quality adhere to the highest standards.
    • Filtered clean water carries away particles and entangles fibers to form fabric.

    Our markets


    Ideal for a wide variety of flight-critical cleaning tasks.

    Automotive Refinishing

    Where shining results in automotive refinishing are important.


    Pure and low linting for contamination-controlled environments.


    Nothing beats the Sontara® General Industrial product portfolio in all-around performance.


    Flexible and usable with powerful cleaning agents.

    Printing Washcloths

    Sontara® print cleaning products are solvent-resistant and durable enough to meet the specific demands of the printing industry.


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