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Wound Care

Our fabrics provide an extraordinary dimensional stability and conformability benefits for a longer use. More, softness and product cleanliness makes it a preferred choice for wound care products.

These products are made without the use of binders, chemicals, or adhesives, resulting in a high- purity fabric structure. This minimizes the possibility of product contamination and allergic reactions by users.

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    Wound care



    High Strength



    Low Linting

    Low Lint

    Optimal Liquid Management

    Benefits of Sontara® Wound Care fabrics

    Our fabrics provide the softness, dimensional stability, and product cleanliness that make it a preferred choice for wound care products.

    Product Offering

    Wound Dressings, Tapes and Bandages

    Made with 100% Polyester fibers and different surface structures provide the dimensional stability, excellent look and purity that make for comfortable and enduring wound care. Various basis weights, apertures, colors and structures available.

    Also available as sustainable solutions made with 100% cellulosic raw materials.

    Surgical Dressings, Swabs and Gauze

    Made with Lyocell/Polyester or natural Cotton provide the combined high absorption capacity, speed and biocompatibility required for the high demands of nonwoven dressings and gauzes.

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