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A cleanroom is a room with a controlled level of contamination specified by the number of particles by cubic meter. Air in cleanroom is kept clean to high standard but surfaces are more difficult and cross contamination can occur easily.

The Sontara® cleanroom products help minimize the risk of contamination that meet all required levels of cleanliness and wiping needs.

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    Sterilization Ready

    Sterilization Ready

    Low Linting

    Low Lint

    Safe to use


    High Absorbency



    Surface Care

    First choice for many end users

    Increasing productivity in cleanroom manufacturing is a challenge. This is especially true when it comes to reducing potential contamination that can cause product defects and associated yield losses. Therefore, choosing an appropriate wipe is critical to product quality and not putting your image at risk.


    Absorbency and cleanliness in a single fabric

    The fabric styles offer high particle and liquid absorbency due to their cellulose content. Unlike many other nonwoven fabrics.

    Many nonwoven wipe fabrics include binders or additives or are chemically treated on the surface to reduce the particle debris.

    However, these additives very often reduce absorbency — an important functional property — and, in addition, can cause contamination from the wipes.

    Quality you can rely on

    • Exceptionally clean wipe family with extremely low particle generation, low extractables and ion levels.
    • Made with no binders, chemicals or adhesives.
    • Special pattern for excellent pick-up.
    • Excellent wet and dry strength.
    • Solvent resistant.
    • Extremely soft hand feel.
    • Product traceability.

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