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Cleanup in the food and beverage sectors is no easy task, requiring a reliable and clean wiping product that is safe and exceptionally absorbent. Sontara® Food Service Industry Wipes are strong, durable and very absorbent — absorbing 6x its weight in liquid — and they are perfect for soaking up big spills fast or for cleaning with a sanitizing agent. Sontara EC® wipes are all-purpose, engineered cloth wipes with exceptional absorbency, strength and low-linting properties.

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    Higher Productivity


    Low Linting

    Low linting

    Low cost in use

    Low cost in use

    Food Contact Safe

    Food contact certified

    Cross contamination preventer

    Cross contamination preventer

    Multiple colours available

    Multiple colours available

    Sontara® hospitality product range is the ideal choice for food preparation, food service areas in hotels, restaurants, office’s break areas granting perfect hygiene, convenience and cost-effective solution and can be customized with various apertures, textures and sustainable raw materials.

    Cleaning and wiping

    Sontara® fabric are a reliable solution for cleaning and wiping purposes in the hospitality industry providing excellent absorbency and dirt and dust trapping capabilities making cleaning effective.

    Recommended applications

    Food Service – Cleaning work/service tables and counter / furniture

    • Reduced use of wipes.
    • High absorbency – No spills remain on the cleaned surface.
    • Trapping capabilities – No residues are left behind.
    • Save time - clean quickly and get your job done quicker.

    Floor cleaning – Sontara® mops to wash and dry

    • Disposable mophead – use, re-use, dispose.
    • High absorbency – quick absorption. Leave the floor dry reducing wet floor safety hazards.
    • Absorbs water, oil, solvents, body fluids, etc.
    • Spill containment in high traffic areas.
    • Chemical free – No odors.

    Bedding – disposable bed linen to avoid laundry

    • Luxury and disposable instead of washing or renting.
    • Save staff time and simplify your operations.
    • Made of 100% cellulosic raw materials - Compostable.
    • Convenient and comfortable.

    Food preparation – avoid cross contamination in kitchens and use maintain an excellent hygiene

    • Various colors to avoid cross contamination and facilitate task segregation.
    • Soak up food prep spills.
    • Task specific wipes.
    • Chef towels.

    Towels - for SPA, gyms, beauty salons and hairdressers

    • Easy to carry / portable.
    • Compact. No need for big storage rooms.
    • Strong. Tear resistance to avoid breakages.
    • No lint on the skin.
    • Avoid laundry.

    Product Offerings

    Multipurpose Shop Towel White Flat wipes

    Multipurpose Shop Towel White flat wipes

    DESCRIPTION: White 8868 15/381 L16.5/419 U300 P16

    wipe size (mm): 381 X 419

    PACKAGING: 300 wipes/box

    TOTAL: 16 boxes

    Multipurpose Shop Towel White Quarter fold

    Multipurpose Shop Towel White quarter fold

    DESCRIPTION: White 8868 12/305 L13.5/337 U600 P20

    wipe size (mm): 305 X 337

    PACKAGING: 600 wipes/box

    TOTAL: 20 boxes

    Sontara® Multipurpose Shop Towel Blue Quarter fold

    Multipurpose Shop Towel Blue quarter fold

    DESCRIPTION: Blue K985 12/305 L13.25/337 U900 P18

    wipe size (mm): 305 X 337

    PACKAGING: 900 wipes/box

    TOTAL: 18 boxes

    Multipurpose Shop Towel Blue interfolded

    Multipurpose Shop Towel Blue interfolded

    DESCRIPTION: Blue K985 9/229 L16.5/419 U800 P16

    wipe size (mm): 229 X 419

    PACKAGING: 800 wipes/box

    TOTAL: 16 boxes

    Sontara® Multipurpose Shop Towel Blue Double Pop-Up

    Multipurpose Shop Towel Blue double pop-up

    DESCRIPTION: Blue K985 12/305 L16.5/419 U250 P48

    wipe size (mm): 305 X 419

    PACKAGING: 250 wipes/box

    TOTAL: 48 boxes

    Multipurpose Wipes qtr fold

    Multipurpose Wipes qtr fold

    DESCRIPTION: White K889 12/305 L13.25/337 U500 P27

    wipe size (mm): 305 X 337

    PACKAGING: 500 wipes/box

    TOTAL: 27 boxes

    Sontara® Multipurpose Wipes Pop-Up

    Multipurpose Wipes pop-up

    DESCRIPTION: White K889 9/229 L16.5/419 U800 P16

    wipe size (mm): 229 X 419

    PACKAGING: 800 wipes/box

    TOTAL: 16 boxes

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